April 25, 2012
March 28, 2012

Paris When it Sizzles

This time next week I will be in Paris.


I can hardly contain myself! Obvious reasons aside, can you guess why I am so excited? Well a., I have been dreaming of going to Paris/ living in Paris since I was a little girl and b., I am croissant-obsessed! I am also an Audrey Hepburn super-fan if such things exist, and have dreamed through her films for years, pretending to celebrate Bastille Day outside a charming café on a lively street and dancing the night away as Jo Stockton in a nightclub. I am also excited because we will be making a small trip to Brussels for two nights and I probably don’t need to go into my chocolate addiction… Oh I cannot wait to drop into Poilâne for a crusty loaf of sourdough and sit leisurely outside of Café Metro, sipping a petite glass of vin rouge! …Éclairs from Pierre Hermé? Yes, yes, yes!


I think it is also mandatory that I rent une bicyclette to ride along the Siene…

…If I don’t come back, you know why!

xx LP

March 12, 2012

…and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

After [yet] another weekend spent running around in a million different directions, it feels a little bit like Philip and I don’t have very much to show for all that we did.

But in fact, we did squeeze quite a lot out of the past two, whirlwind days.

Among them, were these five things:

1.    We both got GREAT haircuts (if I do say so myself) at Rudy’s Barbershop on the first floor of The Standard, downtown. We also got discounted drinks and spontaneous photo-booth pictures to commemorate said, great cuts.

2.    I got to exercise outside in the sun- always a plus!

3.    We unpacked MORE boxes and cleaned MORE (window sills dusted- check!).

4.    We went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market for the first time where we may/ may not have found a fabulous mid-century sideboard.

5.    I picked up a mod-60’s Chevy ad with bright neon lettering to go over our dresser. Score!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening…

xx LP

March 8, 2012

The Cream of the Crop

This time last week I was sipping on champagne/ whiskey (both)… while taking above picture and/or seriously getting down to some funky tunes being spun by The Flashdance DJ Michael, beneath over-sized Geronimo Balloons and disco balls.


Where was I, you ask? I will tell you: I was at the fun/frivolous/fabulous fete otherwise known as The Cream Event, a wedding showcase thrown by the adorable and awesome girls behind Bash, Please. No, I am not getting married anytime soon, but I knew that the Rue girls were in some way involved and if anything, I had to check out the event for some blog/life inspiration. And boy- was it an inspiring evening! The colors, the music, the food and the fashion! I was in absolute design heaven! I won’t get into too much detail about the evening, but will tell you this: I met some incredibly talented people, inhaled some lamb ragout lasagna, talked to a bedazzled Maltese on a pink chair and left with fake eyelashes on and a goodie bag in hand, that included a neon/gold boutineer! All in all a successful night!

I highly recommend checking it out next year as an incredible resource for of course weddings, but any kind of event planning. There were so many unique vendors and artists involved.

For more details and information about the event, click here and here. See you at The Cream Event next year!

xx LP

For links to some of my favorite vendors from the showcase, click below!

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March 7, 2012

A {Rustic} Chocolate Cake

Going into this past weekend I had ideas of grandeur, which included unpacking [all of] our remaining boxes, wiping down [all of] the windows/ window sills, painting my nails hot pink (duh) and baking a beautiful cake to photograph with my new Canon lens (add figuring out how to use it to the list too)- while still making time to enjoy the warm and sunny weather.

Ha! What a joke! I am not complaining about my weekend in the slightest, because it really was a great one. But to think that I might have been able to do all of those things while running all of my errands and setting up house well, that was far too ambitious. With all of that said, I can and did accept defeat.

I accomplished maybe half of what I set out to do, which included running most of my errands, partially setting up house, cleaning the floors (next weekend: windows), laying by the pool for 2 hours (yes!) and- ahhh… baking a cake. Have I told you how much I love cake? I really love cake.

My mission was to bake and construct a replica of Miette’s chocolate “Tomboy” cake with perfectly piped, pink frosting. I am a sucker for pink frosting. (You can find the recipe in the bakery’s beautiful book here.) But after two trips to the grocery store and one trip to the farmer’s market with no edible-looking raspberries in sight, I knew that I would have to forgo the cake’s signature raspberry buttercream. Alas. My second unfortunate realization was that my 6” cake pan, necessary for achieving the correct-sized layers, was packed in a cardboard box on the opposite side of the country. As you have probably gathered at this point, I was in no shape to pull off my Tomboy cake… at all.

So instead I improvised and went a completely different route:

[Enter:] a Rustic Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cake!

When I discovered that raspberry buttercream was just not in the cards, I decided that peanut butter was the next best thing since a., it is the perfect partner to chocolate and b., I had just picked up a new jar at Trader Joe’s. For the cake itself, I still followed Miette’s recipe, which can be found here, in the bakery’s stunning namesake cookbook. For the frosting, I used my own peanut butter buttercream recipe, which can be found below, after the jump. Ultimately my cake didn’t look anything like Miette’s, (hence the term “rustic”) but it was yummy nonetheless, with a moist crumb and a satisfying salty/sweet combination.

So a somewhat-success, I suppose??

xx LP

Find recipe for frosting after the jump!

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